Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Picture of Grace

If I was not to know my son,
God would not have given him.
Though short amount of time I had,
it leads me now to grin.

A tiny life so given to me,
to help me through my days.
Days sometimes dark and sunless,
He helps to guide my ways.

Jesus holds him tight I'm sure, as he now would roll the world.
Oh how I long to hold him, instead into life I'm hurled.

Like learning how to breathe, to walk again we're learning.
Each breath, each step, painful and yet, to see Him is a yearning.

You can't get much closer to God, than when He calls your child.
Come home and make a place, my son, in the heavens you run wild.

I imagine him with many friends, life of the cloud on which he sits.
With the sweetest smile of all, and as loving as it gets.

Each day brings me closer, to the promise of His land.
For when I stand before Jesus, I know AJ's in his hand.

He will hand me back my baby, who just might be a man.
For in his prime I will know my son, I will hold his perfect hand.

The process is quite simple, yet painful here on the earth.
Jesus is the purpose, as we each await our birth.

Our new life in heaven, where there is no pain or fears.
Reunited for eternity, void of all sadness and tears.

A picture now I carry, to remind me of his face.
The precious life God gave me, to remind me of His grace.