Sunday, July 1, 2007


Growing up, my mom taught me everything I needed to know about family. My "biological sperm donor" left when I was just 4, my brother a newborn baby and my sister was 10. Family was the MOST important thing.

  • She taught me to love unconditionally.
  • She taught me you don't say things that can hurt your family because they are all you have.
  • She taught me that just because the same blood doesn't run through our veins, friends are family and you should always treat them that way.
  • She taught me there is always room for one more head at the table and one more body for rest in our house.
  • She taught me that there isn't any'thing' in this world that can ever replace someone you love.
We didn't have much growing up - single mother with 3 mouths to feed. My mother gave up so much to provide for us and always had just a little bit more to provide to someone in need. She taught me how to be selfless.

When I think about all that God has blessed us with in life I don't think about our possessions. Instead I focus on the friends God has laid in our path, the love that we share and the family - the family of God that we are in. Without God - without Jesus - our lives would be so dark. My mother taught me that too.

My family in this world is SO huge!! Thank you all for coming to us, thinking of us, and above all else - loving us unconditionally.

My most prized 'things' in life are my family and friends and now a small box of ashes on my dresser that reminds me everyday how precious life is and how blessed we are to know Jesus. Pick your battles and love one another...that's what MY mother taught me!!