Saturday, May 12, 2007

Support Group - MEND

I have to give kudos for our support group MEND. It is so helpful to have a place to go to talk and relate to others who are living what we are living. It's the one place we can talk without the other people feeling uncomfortable about our loss (which is a whole other issue - why do people feel uncomfortable??? Is it because people fear death??? Fear making us cry???). It's the one place we are not alone in our thoughts and emotions.

One thing that was said at this past meeting by a wonderful woman who lost her son in January is this...we are all part of an elite group chosen by God to endure what He endured...the loss of His child. That has really stuck with me and will carry me through some of my most difficult times ahead. He does know our pain and He holds our tears in His hands. Thank you Norma for your words of wisdom...I will cherish them forever!!