Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feelings from left field...

My facebook status today is "Only a small percentage of people understand how conflicted my soul is on any given day." I chose not to post this part of what I typed as my status... This does not mean I am not joyful, happy, thankful, blessed, living and doing. This also does not make me the strongest person you know, brave, or amazing...I am merely carrying the cross I was given to carry and sometimes it gets heavy...though I'd never lay it down, abandon it, or begrudge it.

I recently had an encounter with a fairly self-centered, neurotic man I know who felt the need to tell me I needed to 'let go' of all this baggage involving my son. Difference between 4.5 years ago and now is that I listened to him rant and tell me 'how I should feel', listened to the hurts in his life, and then responded.

We say all the time in MEND that people are rude, insensitive, and self-centered in their comments and they mean well, but they just don't know. I would like to believe that he meant well. I would like to believe the best in people and their words...but I continually put myself out there and am continually disappointed in people.