Thursday, August 30, 2007

5 months

So I must be a masochist, I was curious about what my little man would be doing now at all 5 months of age if he were here. So I went on to to read about his milestones. He would be reaching for us, know his name and interested in sounds and language. It's all just so unfair to be honest.

So August has not been such a great month. A year ago last Friday a friend from HS died unexpectedly. Friday will be one year from when my cousin Joe was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Today marks 5 months since AJ died. I hope the 'bad' year of our life is over now. Let's hope life runs on a fiscal year and not a calendar year. HA!!

For those who don't know, we chose AJ's name - Adrian because we had to have a name starting with "A" and we liked it, and Joseph after my cousin. I am so proud that we named AJ after such a great young man who made such a great impact in his 29 years of life. My cousin was a great guy - well rounded and loved by many.

So where are we at 5 months??? I don't know. I have a goal of sending out thank you notes before the 6 month mark...I hope I can finally do it. I sometimes start and then just fall apart at the daunting task. We are getting ready for the "Walk to Remember" in October which I think will be really nice. Eli's birthday is coming up in October as well - he is insisting on a dinosaur party so I have begun planning that as well. Life is still being endured in weeks, days and moments. Each one passing quickly - yet creeping by.

I will be glad to see the month of August go away to be honest. I have dreaded it for all the anniversaries it carried with it...the anniversary of finding out we were expecting AJ (Aug 15), telling everyone "Eli was going to be a big brother" (Aug 17), death of a friend (Aug 24), death of a cousin (Aug 31). And now August 30 - enduring life without AJ at 5 months.

Amazing what a
difference a year makes -
he looks so young!!