Thursday, November 29, 2007

More About Thanksgiving...

I was so exhausted and emotionally depleted when I posted my Thanksgiving blog that I didn't include one of the most amazing things that happened. It SNOWED!!! For those who may just be joining our story (read early posts from April) - we feel snow is AJ visiting to remind us he is with us and God's way of reminding us He has it all under control.

Eli was so excited - I was crying and daddy was working the camera. Eli says, "Mommy - can we call AJ and tell him thank you for the snow?" It was the cutest thing ever!!!! In the midst of sadness and straight-up heartache for AJ not being here on Thanksgiving, God answered the cries and prayers to carry us through the day with snow!! Amazing!

I've been feeling really down for about the last two weeks...I guess it's just the holidays??? Friday AJ will be 8 months old...the past 8 months seem so blurred and unreal. I feel like at some point I will get to wake up and it will all be ok. But I won't...and it won't. Some MEND people say that the one year mark makes a difference...I suppose we will see. For now, I will appreciate the little things like snow, pray my feet will hit the floor each day, and endure moment by moment the life we have been given to live.


Jennjilla said...

You know, I thought about the snow in that way, too! I was like "the last time we saw snow, it was AJ saying hello!" I think it will always be something a little more special now - an unexpected blessing!

Can't wait to see you on Saturday!