Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 boys

I am sitting here creating a blog for my cakes. Something that is LONG overdue and no doubt a daunting task based on the shear number of cakes I have made at this point. As I sit here, baby boy #3 is bouncing up and down on my bladder jamming to his big brother's favorite band - ZZ Top - and probably wondering when his mother is gonna get a grip?

Maybe I'm hormonal, maybe sleep deprived due to this horrible cold I have, maybe nervous/anxious about his arrival, maybe I'm just a regular old certifiable crazy lady...but the tears are often uncontrollable when I think about the BIG picture of our lives. The fact that we are about to have 3 boys...what would it be like to have 3 boys running around? As painful as it is - the fact is that this little miracle growing right now would not have been an option if AJ hadn't died. We had no plans of having more than 2 children.

Scanning the cluttered desk before me my eyes met the scripture "...I am fearfully and wonderfully made" - Psalm 139:14 on the back of the ticket stub from a Steven Curtis Chapman concert we were blessed to attend back in July. AJ was fearfully and wonderfully made and his short life served a greater purpose in our lives than we could ever imagine. And Bubble Jack - growing and kicking inside me - was fearfully and wonderfully made with a divine purpose of his own. We HAVE 3 boys! Until the day we die, we will always be the parents of 3 boys. Should God's plan include our time on earth with them or not, we were chosen to serve our purpose as the parents of 3 boys. And the day each of them were born - God danced!


Jennjilla said...

God works in mysterious ways! You guys were meant to have a gaggle of guys - you are too good of parents not to! We are all anxiously awaiting Bubble Jack's arrival! I've got an empty memory card waiting for him! :)

Dean's Parents said...

Hi! I'm not sure if I have met you but noticed you read our blog! Thank you for reading our blog and I was wondering if I can post your blog link to share with our readers?

Oh and your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Thank you have a wonderful day!