Monday, April 20, 2009

Alexander Isaiah Zuckerman

I'm proud to announce that after almost 40 weeks, Alexander Isaiah has come into this world! What an amazing miracle from God! Baby Alex is 7lbs and 8oz and I'm not sure on length yet because he hasn't been whisked away to the nursery for his bath the last I heard from the happy parents. The family is all doing well and Big Brother Eli is so in love with his new baby brother! I know those two will be best friends.
I'll let Amber tell you her side of the story, but from this end it was truly an honor to witness such an awesome event. Thank you Amber, Al, Eli AJ and Alex for the opportunity to capture this moment that is just too precious for words. I hope I've done it justice!


Ruth said...

yay! We are so excited for you! He is beautiful.

Debbie said...

oh my gosh Amber...SUCH wonderful pictures! so thrilled for all of you. the picture of Al, Eli, and Alex...then the one of Eli and Alex made my heart melt and my eyes water. so, so, so precious. thanks for sharing all the pictures and congratulations on your sweet angel.

Lissa said...

Amber he is beautiful...Congratulations - Love you.

r_is_moody said...

This post has made me cry tears of joy. What a blessed and joyous day it is. I am so happy to hear that little Alexander is here!!!

He is beautiful.

Jen said...

He's gorgeous! Congratulations to all of you!