Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My best Buddy Sawyer...

AJ's best buddy Sawyer turned 2 on Saturday. Thankfully we were able to spend this year's birthday with him - (last year - mommy just couldn't handle it). I can hardly believe that in a few weeks AJ will be 2. We have survived 2 years without we just have to make it the next 60. We gathered a few balloons from the party, wrote a message on them and sent them up to AJ so he could celebrate with us. Eli released them and they got caught in the tree...LOL - Nene said that meant that AJ wished he was here too. Chris got them down for us and we re-released them. They drifted in the sky for several minutes. It was nice.

That is Batman for AJ.

Again, maybe it's just the hormones, but I have been getting choked up lately when I think about the enormity of our life. Daddy painted over my beautiful mice, stars and moons from Eli & AJ's nursery a couple of weekends ago. As hard as it was to go in that room and imagine a new baby with us, it has been equally hard to watch it disappear. I think it will get easier as I get it decorated and as we get closer to the day of Bubble Jack's arrival. A fresh start for him. :) He deserves that...we need all works out in the end.

I will post pics of the new nursery after I get it all decorated, but for now, here are pics of the stars, moons and mice nursery...